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How to Edit Your Videos Using The Free YouTube Video Editor Video Course -4- Insert Pictures Into Video

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How to Edit Your Videos Using The Free YouTube Video Editor Video Course





Insert Pictures Into Video 

The vast majority of you know how to make basic video editing like removing black bars or how to insert a picture into a video and lessening video record measure before transferring it to YouTube. However, not everybody realizes that now it’s possible to edit videos right on YouTube. With the new YouTube settings you can change sound track of your video and insert pictures into video, include annotations, alter the photo by remedying the colors or utilizing different channels.

Upload your video on YouTube and after upload you transfer a video on YouTube go to Edit option and start editing….

Now to make a video with pictures, Just collect some picture or you can use your own pictures just insert in to YouTube video maker and add some good music and click on publish button so that’s it your video now on live….

Watch the video below here is all the steps how to insert a picture into a video using YouTube Video Maker…

Please follow below video steps….



Shading Adjustment in the event that your picture YouTube video is too brilliant, excessively dim or needs in colors you can either utilize one of the channels given by YouTube or rights the colours manually or automatically. Go to Enhancements and pick the choice that suits you most.

As you see you can likewise turn or rotate the YouTube video picture or crop out those video parts you do not need. For doing it just Click "Trim" button directly under the video. Simply remember one thing: whatever changes you make don’t forget to save them just click on save blue button at the top-right corner.

So this is very simple way to insert pictures into video Using YouTube Editor and I hope.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson smiley

In the next Video, we are going to learn The Process Of Adding Music To Videos Using YouTube Editor.


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