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How to Edit Your Videos Using The Free YouTube Video Editor Video Course -2- Edit YouTube Video Length

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How to Edit Your Videos Using The Free YouTube Video Editor Video Course




Edit YouTube Video Length 


Notwithstanding video hosting and sharing, YouTube offers an online video editor to roll out improvements to your videos straightforwardly from the webpage. This manager obliges no product download and intended for clients without cutting edge videos altering knowledge – makes errands like adding clasps to videos, transferring a sound track over the record and improving videos with embellishments conceivable from any PC with an Internet association. Utilizing the visual interface, in the event that you can move a scroll bar, you can edit YouTube video length of your video.  Video length adjustment is very easy to use in YouTube editor. Watch the video below here is all the steps of how to edit YouTube video length…

Please follow below video steps….



Now I will tell you how you edit YouTube video length by using YouTube editor::

  • Navigate to YouTube and log in to your account.‚Äč
  • Click on the downward arrow next to your username in the upper right corner.
  • Click on "Video Manager" from the header menu that appears.
  • Click on the "Video Editor" tab on the top of the page and select the video you want to edit. 
  • Click on the name of the clip you want to expand or shorten in the video time line.
  • YouTube videos are made up of up to 50 clips and the site saves every video file you upload as a clip that can be combined with others to make a video. 
  • Drag the left or right bar at either end of the clip to the other side to shorten your clip.
  • Drag the bars in the opposite direction to lengthen the clip.
  • An indicator appears at the bottom of the clip with the total duration of the file and adjusts as you move the side bars.
  • Click on the "Publish" button to save and share your video.

So this is very simple way to edit YouTube video length Using YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson smiley

In the next Video, we are going to learn How To Add Video Watermark Using YouTube Editor.


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