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How to Edit Your Videos Using The Free YouTube Video Editor -1- Intro

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How to Edit Your Videos Using The Free YouTube Video Editor Video Course





To begin with, in the event that you are keen on customizing and improving your own video (or any video, besides), you will need to utilize a free video editor. While there are numerous astounding standalone applications out there, there are additionally some valuable online video editors that you can use to make your video emerge from the group. The free YouTube Video Editor is one such apparatus. Many people may ask: Where I can edit videos for free? Now the free YouTube video editor solves this problem.  

To utilize the YouTube Video Editor, you must sign into your YouTube (or Google) account. You have the capacity to browse videos that you have by and by transferred to YouTube or select from many Creative Commons videos that are copyright free. You are likewise ready to make a choice of music from many sound tracks that YouTube gives to use along your videos;

When you select a video from either your own transferred videos, or the Creative Commons videos, you have the allow to view it, or drag it down into the video way below the video posting, as demonstrated as follows:



You can then include a move and Once you've arrange the videos and transitions, you can include a sound track by at the end of the day selecting the sound track, much the same as you did with the videos, and dragging it into the sound way, which is directly down the video way . Once you're fulfilled by your videos and sound determinations, you can distribute your new video to your own particular YouTube channel by tapping the distribute catch on the upper right of the page. So this is very simple way to use a free YouTube video editor and I hope you understand how to edit videos on YouTube.

The coming lessons will demonstrate what is written above practically and with an easy step by step illustration.

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In the next Video, we are going to learn How To Edit YouTube Video Length Using YouTube Editor.

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