Are you Ready For Mobilegeddon?


Today, April 21st Google is applying a major algorithm change for how they are ranking websites. It is focusing on mobile-friendliness of websites. That is why people call it "Mobilegeddon". As in all Google's algorithm changes, this is an important event for all websites' owners, because it has the power to change the site's ranking in Google's search results. I am going to explain what is this change about, and an exact step by step action plan how to prepare your website for this major change.

Have you ever browsed a website on your Mobile and it was hard on you to browse the entire page, or to find the right button? Well that is simply what this algorithm is about. Mobilegeddon is going to boost the rankings of websites that are optimized for mobile viewing, and of course push down websites that are not optimized for mobiles. Google warned that this algorithm will have a significant impact on the website's listings; the reason for Google to consider this very important is that it believes that around half of the searches are performed using different Mobile devises. As a result, Google will favor sites that are "mobile-friendly".

We all know that Google is dominating online search, and Google's last big algorithm update which is called "Panda" had an impacted on the search results of a significant number of websites. Therefore I urge you to take this seriously.

Responsive web design:

Before I tell you what should you exactly do to know if you have this problem or not, and then how to solve it, I will talk about an important principle related to the mobile-friendly issue, it is called "responsive web design". To briefly explain what is "responsive design" I would say that: the site which has this option is "Adaptive" or "Responsive" to the different devises browsing the internet, or in other words "The layout of a website should change based on the size and capabilities of the device". This concept's importance is coming from the existence of a tremendous different screen sizes across Mobiles, Smart-Phones, Tablets, Laptops and desktops…etc. Therefore, your site should be adapted to any screen size, today or in the future.

Action Plan:

Now, your action plan to deal with this change consists of 2 steps.  First, you should check for your website to see if it is Mobile-Friendly or not. Second, if it is not, you will have to solve this problem. Keep reading to know exactly how to perform these steps on your websites.

First: It is very easy to know whether you have a website that is optimized for mobile viewing or not. Google is providing a mobile-friendly tool to use to check for your URL, so Please Check It Now! You will only have to past your URL in the check box and press "Analyze" to get the result in a few seconds.

Second: If your website is Mobile friendly, Congratulation! You are safe. But if not you will have to do one of these to solutions:

1- You can easily change your theme to another one that is mobile-friendly. Just look for themes that use the principles of "responsive design". Do not forget to use the demo link of the new theme on your mobile, or you can also check it on Google's mobile-friendly tool.

2- If you do not want to change your theme and that is more probably, you should update the theme of your website. If you are using an old theme that is not updated, it is most likely that your website is not Mobile-Friendly. All you have to do is to update your theme. If you cannot find the update, you can search for the contact of the company or person who developed the theme and ask them where to find their update for this theme, and whether this update will make the website Mobile-Friendly or not.

3- If you do not want to change your theme, and you could not find the update or even if you updated your theme but your website is still not mobile-friendly, you can try this solution. But this is only if you are using Word Press. There is a few plugins you can use to solve this problem. The one that I personally used successfully is called "WPtouch Mobile Plugin", I am not recommending it, it is just the one I used, and you can use it or look for another one. Just be sure to try your website on the Google's mobile-friendly tool to be sure of the result.


Do not postpone this for another day, just do it now because you do not want to be affected negatively by Mobilegeddon.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or other solutions on this Google's algorithm change I will be happy to hear about them.

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