Link building 2015: Some of the Best Free Link Building Methods – 1




Link building 2015:


Link building 2015

Link building 2015

In this post let us talk about some of the Best Free Link Building Methods to use to build high quality backlinks. The main thing to put in your mind while doing this process is that "Natural Link Building" is the best Backlinks in Google's eyes, and therefore the most authority links you will have for your website.


Important Factors 


Link building 2015

Link building 2015

There is two important factors you should always consider to insure high quality link building: 


  • Authority
  • Relevance

Meaning, when you are planning to do your backlink process, you should look for Authority and Relevant websites to put your backlinks in. If you find such a link, this will be a golden backlink to your website, and it will have a lot of weight in Google's eyes.

Let us start with some of the Best Free Link Building Methods:


1. PBN (Private Blog Network)


Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network


Setting up your private blog network containing high Page Rank domains is among the best methods for getting high quality backlinks. In order to do this, you’ll need to purchase high PR sites and domains, then place all of them on various IP hosting & finally link them with your primary website. Very soon, the ranking of your primary site will start getting better and better if you get sufficient amount of backlinks towards your PBN or private blog network.


2. Connect yourself with other blog owners


Connect yourself with other blog owners

Connect yourself with other blog owners


The second method for natural link building is to start developing some connection with the owners of a variety of authority sites in your niche. You can contact them via e-mail, offering free content to their site, or assist in anything else. In return, most of them might want to link back to your website.


3. Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging is very similar to the previous method, but you may find some blog owners who are offering gust blogging on their blogs. By writing a quality post or article on other blogs in your niche, you will get the opportunity to create a link back to your site. Many bloggers may let you to add your links within the blog post. You will be able to use these for linking back towards your blog content. The only thing is that it must be related to your guest post you’re writing on. Besides, you have an option to link back towards the homepage of your website in the author bio section.


4. Forums

Online forums are another way for acquiring natural backlinks to your site. Detailed research is crucial to find related forums which associate with the services or products you are offering. After you sign up to these forums, you will be able to add the link of your main website into your signature.


5. Contextual Link Building

The sites with contextual links have better chances of ranking higher as compared to those with no contextual backlinks. Contextual links receive trust & credibility from the search engines. Hence, your website receives more traffic. In addition, contextual links offer the users with additional amount of info on the subject.

Besides the methods mentioned in this article, there are several other means to get high quality backlinks to your site, so let us continue with these methods in the coming post.

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