Website Analysis Tools


1- Marketing Grader

This is a website that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing regarding your website, blogging, email marketing, social media activity, and much more. 


2- Link Assistant

Is a well known website that allows you to use free SEO tools which are: Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, Link Assistant, and SEO Spyglass.


3- Ahrefs

Is a Social Media, and SEO tools Suite. They have a large database of backlinks; you may use it to analyze your website, or your competitors'.


4- Site Explorar

This one is similar to Ahrefs,but it has no limit for checking URLs.



Is another tool to search for the backlinks for any URL. It also let you know what are the keywords used by your competitors, and how much traffic they get.


6- Web Tool Soft

This website has a ton of Free Online SEO Tools.


7 – Open Site Explorer

8 – Majestic Marketing Search Engine

These sites will also help you search for the websites linking to any URL. It contains deep details of these backlinks.





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