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Some of the Best Free Link Building Methods – 2


Let us continue with some other methods that will help you in your Free Link Building process..


6. RSS Directories


RSS Backlinking

RSS Backlinking


You can easily submit the RSS feed for your blog to various RSS directories in order to get quality backlinks on complete autopilot. Each time you post a new article, you’ll receive direct backlinks from the RSS directories. In addition, other persons will be able to put your RSS feed on their personal websites. This will provide you more backlinks and exposure. You can find several RSS Directories with a simple search on Google.


7. Article Marketing

Article marketing is another method used by webmasters to get better results in the search engine ranking. A number if article directories are known to rank very high in the search engine results. As a marketer, you can create an article on these sites & leave your link at the end of the article. If the visitors find your content interesting, most of them will bookmark your site which will further increase the number of back links toy your website. But be careful when you choose between the article directories websites, try to find the ones that still have good authority, one factor of these websites is that they do not approve any articles, they have to review it first to be sure it is unique and a quality article.


8. Social Networks 


Social Networks

Social Networks


Websites like Facebook and Twitter are developing as the primary resource for webmasters to increase the authority of their websites. Social sites are not only an ideal way to get in touch with the fellow bloggers & connect with your fans, they’re great for pointing the links back towards your website or blog as well. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are giving more importance to the links that come from the Social Networks.


9. Social Bookmarking

This includes tagging a specific site & saving it to use it later. Social Bookmarking lets the Internet users to organize, manage as well as share their desired WebPages. These sites are free to register and use. For persons with their personal blog or website, social bookmarking can be a great method for white hat link building & increasing the traffic.




The techniques and tips included in these articles are a healthy set that is sure to help website and blog owners build authoritative backlinks, which will help to increase website traffic. The process of link building should not be hurried. Instead it must be done on a consistent basis and in a natural manner. Although this will take some time, but you’re sure to see an increase in the traffic towards your website very soon.

Link building 2015: Some of the Best Free Link Building Methods – 1




Link building 2015:


Link building 2015

Link building 2015

In this post let us talk about some of the Best Free Link Building Methods to use to build high quality backlinks. The main thing to put in your mind while doing this process is that "Natural Link Building" is the best Backlinks in Google's eyes, and therefore the most authority links you will have for your website.


Important Factors 


Link building 2015

Link building 2015

There is two important factors you should always consider to insure high quality link building: 


  • Authority
  • Relevance

Meaning, when you are planning to do your backlink process, you should look for Authority and Relevant websites to put your backlinks in. If you find such a link, this will be a golden backlink to your website, and it will have a lot of weight in Google's eyes.

Let us start with some of the Best Free Link Building Methods:


1. PBN (Private Blog Network)


Private Blog Network

Private Blog Network


Setting up your private blog network containing high Page Rank domains is among the best methods for getting high quality backlinks. In order to do this, you’ll need to purchase high PR sites and domains, then place all of them on various IP hosting & finally link them with your primary website. Very soon, the ranking of your primary site will start getting better and better if you get sufficient amount of backlinks towards your PBN or private blog network.


2. Connect yourself with other blog owners


Connect yourself with other blog owners

Connect yourself with other blog owners


The second method for natural link building is to start developing some connection with the owners of a variety of authority sites in your niche. You can contact them via e-mail, offering free content to their site, or assist in anything else. In return, most of them might want to link back to your website.


3. Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging is very similar to the previous method, but you may find some blog owners who are offering gust blogging on their blogs. By writing a quality post or article on other blogs in your niche, you will get the opportunity to create a link back to your site. Many bloggers may let you to add your links within the blog post. You will be able to use these for linking back towards your blog content. The only thing is that it must be related to your guest post you’re writing on. Besides, you have an option to link back towards the homepage of your website in the author bio section.


4. Forums

Online forums are another way for acquiring natural backlinks to your site. Detailed research is crucial to find related forums which associate with the services or products you are offering. After you sign up to these forums, you will be able to add the link of your main website into your signature.


5. Contextual Link Building

The sites with contextual links have better chances of ranking higher as compared to those with no contextual backlinks. Contextual links receive trust & credibility from the search engines. Hence, your website receives more traffic. In addition, contextual links offer the users with additional amount of info on the subject.

Besides the methods mentioned in this article, there are several other means to get high quality backlinks to your site, so let us continue with these methods in the coming post.

Explained: What is Link Building?


I am going to start a series of posts on Link Building, to understand What is link building, what is it's importance, and how to do it the right way.


What is Link Building

What is Link Building


Our first post in this series will explain:


What is Link Building?


In simple words, link building is a method used to exchange the links with other websites in your niche. Link building is the key to any SEO campaign. If you don’t build natural links towards your website, none of your onsite SEO efforts will bring any success. Also, remember that you want high quality links because they are the ones which will help you achieve the desired search engine rankings.


Onsite SEO includes optimizing the header, Meta tags, and title of your article in addition to cleverly mentioning your targeted keywords within the major regions of your article body.

Offsite SEO includes building quality links to your website via article pages, different forums in your niche & self-created external blogs.


The Importance of Link Building



 Importance of Link Building

Importance of Link Building


Five years ago you were easily able to rank quite well in the search engines for even the most competitive phrases without needing to create high quality backlinks. Simply submitting the necessary blog comments & articles along with your website link was sufficient for securing the rankings you required, providing you were utilizing the appropriate anchor text for the links.

But today, Google has greatly changed their algorithm. So, it has become much difficult to rank your site. Now, you need more than regular links for getting the desired outcomes. Actually, creating a link profile that includes excessive usage of low-quality backlinks might actually harm your website's rankings. Google prefers to see other individuals willingly linking to your site, not a basic profile intended simply to acquire self-created backlinks.


SEO Link Building


SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building


You are better off acquiring the links from the sources which are non-self-made. Also, they’ll be much more valued by the search engines. In the end, your rank will be ultimately based upon how many natural links you get from other sites in your niche. This is the major reason why getting the attention of journalists, bloggers & the visitors is so essential. They’ll offer you the links that you want naturally. These links will be of high value & also it’ll a lot easier on your side.

And the best way to attract such links is through quality content! Webmasters who create quality content receive maximum links which results in better rankings. It is human nature to share something really important or cool. Whilst it’s still not that clear how social websites contribute in search engine rankings, there is no doubt that when anything creates significant buzz across the social networks, it definitely improves and boosts its rankings, particularly if the buzz comes from famous persons in your field.