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What webmasters should expect form penguin 2.0

Here is a glance on what webmasters should expect form penguin 2.0.

Penguin 2.0 webspam algorithm was released on May 22, 2013.

It is a web spam change that is dedicated to find blackhat web spam; it is deeper and has more impact than penguin 1.0.

According to Matt Cutts here are some short points of what to expect from Penguin 2.0 webspam algorithm.

1- They are looking for ways to deny the value to link spammers

2- Penguin 2.0 has a better algorithm for dedicating sites that is owned by someone who is in authority in a specific field ( business, medical, Arts…), they will try to make sure that those rank a little more, this may be more appropriate for users.

3- Google wants to help small, medium businesses and regular webmasters.

They will provide webmasters with more details to know how to diagnose their websites. Moreover they will continue to work on hack sites to do the following:

-Try to detect them in a more accurate way.
-Try to communicate better to webmasters, and point them in a right way to clean up those hack sites.

4- They will look for adverts which violate their quality guidelines.

Google found about sites that take money and do link to websites to pass page rank. If someone pays for an add, that add should not flow page rank.

He is saying, there is nothing wrong with advertising, but webmasters have to make sure that adds:

– Should not flow page rank.
– Should be clear and conspicuous so users can realize that something is paid.

5- They want to help sites that were affected with Panda.

By finding some additional signals of quality to help refined things for sites that are in the border zone or the gray zone.

Finally, what Google wants form us (webmasters) is for our sites to be constant and uniform. As Matt Cut says “A great site is that users love, want to tell friends about, bookmark, and come bake to”

That is all about Penguin 2.0. What I really liked is that they emphasized on making efforts and working on helping regular webmasters, because I think there are many webmasters that violates Google’s regulation without knowing that they are doing the wrong thing.