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How to Increase Click Through Rate



What Matt Cutts is saying, is that good title and description tags will defiantly increase your CTR (click through rate). Therefore you should not just consider having a lot of visitors coming to your site, but also you have to consider what makes them click on what you have on your site. 

First let me explain what a title and description (snippets) tags are.

Title tag:

Is the title you see on the top of a web page, it is there to tell people what the page is about, and what they expect to find. Putting your keywords in your title tag will affect your rankings positively, Google use it as one of its ranking factors.

Description tag:

A display of a web page description will appear to people in every search result they get. This description is an important factor in making people decide whether they would click on your site or not.

Description tags are not for ranking but are important to tell visitors about the web page they are about to visit. A good description will make people know that they will find what they want. Therefore it should be good, comprehensive, and compelling. That will defiantly increase your CTR (click through rate).

To sum up, description and title tags are important for search engine optimization. A title tag is important for Search Engine ranking, while a description tag is important to tell visitors about the web page.

As Matt says “It does not really matter how often you show up, it matters how often you get clicked on. You will get more visitors; you will get more return for your investments”

So our action steps are:

1-      Be sure to include your KW in the title tag. And it will be better if you can put it at the beginning.

2-      Do not ignore the description, and if your site is about solving a problem be sure to include this info in the description.